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Ein Film, der ganz einfach daherkommt und ungemein vielschichtig und reichhaltig ist und obendrein und vor allem auch voller feinstem Humor. (Zeitpunkt.ch)

Der Spielfilm Wajib überrascht und überzeugt. Einer der intelligentesten und sympathischsten Filme, die in letzter Zeit zu sehen waren. (ProgrammZeitung)

Dass Politik nie abstrakt bleibt, dass immer Menschen betroffen sind, das geht im (journalistischen) Alltag manchmal vergessen. Wajib dreht den Blick, zeigt die Menschen und das, was die Politik in ihrem Leben anrichtet. Dass der Film und seine Familienkonstellation darüber hinaus eine universale Gültigkeit entwickelt, macht ihn zu einem nachhaltigen, nachdenklichen Erlebnis. (Sennhauser’s Filmblog)

Aus den einprägsamen Szenen entsteht ein vielschichtiges Porträt einer Vater-Sohn-Beziehung, die nicht nur zwischen Zuneigung und Frustration schwankt, sondern auch im Spannungsverhältnis zwischen dem Leben in der Heimat und im Exil, zwischen Sehnsucht und Realismus, zwischen Tradition und Moderne bestehen muss.  (Amnesty International)

from the press

A whip-smart, moving comedy of family and community. (CineVue)

What’s most impressive is the way Jacir reveals these complex intertwining backstories through apparently incidental interaction. With a superb lightness of touch she uncovers the ancient hurts with which these characters wrestle, laying bare the raw nerves beneath the polite smiles...a film of surprising warmth and generosity, which takes a situation riven by discord and turns it into a melancholy song of resolution. (The Observer)

Big ideas and the everyday frictions of family elide in this sensitive, impressive Palestinian drama. (Time Out)

It is the apparently apolitical normality of Wajib which paradoxically is its most powerful political message. (CineVue)

This funny-poignant Palestinian “road movie” trundles down every known or imaginable street while giving the sardonic, critical welly to ethnic and political tensions. (The Financial Times)

The droll script and humane performances are quite special. (The Times)

A tour de force! (Slant Magazine)

Naturalistic, nicely paced and well played. A wryly-observed family drama. (Screendaily)

An intimate, well-played disquisition on what it means to be a Palestinian. (Variety)

Annemarie Jacir's strong suits are as a scriptwriter and as a director of actors. She crafts lively, believable dialogue throughout, shot through with a likable streak of earthy humor, providing nuanced characterizations for the Bakris to convincingly inhabit and bring to life. (Hollywood Reporter)

Proof, if any further evidence was needed, that Jacir is the pre-eminent female filmmaker in the Arab world, whether she’s working as a director, producer, editor or screenwriter. (Filmmaker Magazine)

Annemarie Jacir's inner-city road movie sees this duo (winningly played by real-life father and son Mohammed and Saleh Bakri) spar over matters both serious and trivial. Even as Jacir ably explores faultiness of politics, culture and tradition, she delivers a wryly affectionate odd-couple comedy. (Total Film)

Beautifully nuanced, slyly political and frequently very funny... offers a generous portrait of pinpoint specificity and universal appeal. (Sight & Sound)

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